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What our Patients Say

I was treated in the Emergency Room of FCMC. The medical staff was outstanding including Dr. Ebensberger, Rachel, and Jenette among others. I could not have been treated by a more professional and knowledgeable staff.

- Gene LaBounty

I was in the ER for a head wound. The FCMC ER staff and doctor were amazing! I needed stitches and the doctor had a wonderful tender touch. It was a very good experience.

- Marlene Durbala

I can't say enough good things about the hospital! It's so nice that we have a great hospital here in Charles city. I was cared for and treated well.

- Patient

I received such great care. I have no complaints. You are all just so excellent and what an excellent hospital! Everyone did a phenomenal job.

- Patient

Judi and Danielle were amazing during my labor and delivery. Everyone has their perfect birth planned out in their head and when things didn’t go perfectly for me, the team at Floyd County Medical Center were there. The Birth Center will always hold a special place in my heart.

- Liz Gansen

Therapy at FCMC has benefitted Bram in so many ways.  He started when he was just over a year old and had many deficits in speech and OT. The staff has worked diligently with Bram, which is not always an easy task.  He has come leaps and bounds since beginning therapy and I cannot wait to see what future progress he will make! While FCMC is the only local choice for OT and speech therapies, it is by far the best!

- Maggie Lucas

I had the Most Amazing Nurses, CNA’s, & Therapists!!! I couldn’t have asked for better care!!! I was treated like family by everyone I encountered!!! I Honestly can’t say enough good things about our little hospital & the staff there!! God Bless Each One of You!! Thank You So Much!!!

- Diane Burnett

The surgical staff is amazing! Such kindness and care. Today was a quick procedure but I’ve never had anesthesia before so I may have been a little nervous. Everything was explained by nurses to anesthesiologist to Dr. VanGilder and the process went perfectly. For one reason or another, we have used the Floyd County Medical Center several times in the last couple of years and I love that we have a hospital in Charles City. We are very fortunate.

- Lori Heuser Otto

Ryan and I can’t say enough amazing things about FCMC and their OB department! Ryan and I were so at ease while we were there and EVERY single nurse and doctor took such great care of Finn, Ryan, and myself. We would like to thank the entire staff from the bottom of our hearts for making this the absolute best experience of our lives! Thank you for being wonderful!!

- Marcy Ross

I want to send my highest appreciation to the beyond wonderful nurse who did blood-work on me this morning. I have never had a positive blood drawing experience in my life, but this woman was truly amazing. I hope to see her again and definitely hope she is at FCMC for years to come. Her professionalism, patience, confidence, and attitude make her stand out from so many.

- Kristin H.

After finding out that Roy had autism at the age of four we were suggested to go see the occupational and speech therapists at FCMC.  All Roy would do is scream at the top of his lungs and point at things he wanted. He had many meltdowns and was kicked out of different daycares, but with the help of FCMC therapists they came up with a plan to help Roy.  He would go see each of them for 45 minutes a week. At first it was quite difficult but they never gave up on him. I really think they are the best no matter what came up, they would work right through it.  I really think they are miracle workers.  Roy is now 10 and talks all the time. He graduated from the occupational therapy program.  He has a service dog that helps him at home and school. Life is a lot easier now.

- Jennifer Foster

What our Staff Members Say

My co-workers are like family. We are here for each other at work and beyond.

- Amanda Bouillon, MLT (ASCP)

I enjoy working with the patients. I also feel close to my co-workers.

- Becky Vance, CMA

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