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What our Patients Say

"Two weeks ago, I had surgery with Dr. Lyons at Floyd County Medical Center for a broken leg. The care I received was stellar. From the fun little AMR ride, to the ER, to the two night stay as a patient with tremendously kind and extremely competent nurses, to the wonderful surgical staff--everyone was amazing! Our hospital is fabulous!!  Thank you to all those who took care of me, from the housekeeping to dietary and everyone in between, THANK YOU!!! We are so blessed with FCMC."

- Kay Winkelman

" I decided that I wanted to have a natural birth and to try aromatherapy, a warm bath, mood lighting, and music to take my mind off the contractions. The nurses and everyone in the Birth Center made sure I was comfortable from the very beginning. They even made me this drink while I was having contractions and it tasted really good. When it was time to push, my midwife Danielle, coached me through it all. We tried different pushing positions and when I kept saying I couldn't do it, everyone was telling me that I can do it and that I'm doing a good job. I had all the nurses in there during the delivery holding my hands. Everyone was so nice. For it being my first pregnancy and labor and delivery experience, it was amazing and I am glad I chose to have Isabelle at Floyd County Medical Center."

- Alexis Westendorf

"I've now delivered 5 babies in 5 different states, so it's fair to say that I've experienced a variety of prenatal care and labor and delivery environments. I've seen both doctors and midwives and have mostly delivered at large, well funded hospital systems where my experiences have generally been good. However, none of my previous experiences have come close to the care and support that I received at Floyd County Medical Center with the midwives. My prenatal care was tailored to my needs and goals. I felt completely supported and educated throughout my pregnancy. I can honestly say that my delivery and recovery under their care was easily the best I've experienced. When I reflect on why it was such a good experience, I think it's because delivering with Judi and Danielle s is the best of both worlds. I had access to excellent medical care, support, and equipment at all times in case there were any unforeseen difficulties during delivery, and at the same time they created such a peaceful, gentle, and safe environment. I didn't even feel like I was in the hospital. I was also able to build a wonderful relationship of trust with them throughout my prenatal care which provided a lot of reassurance going into delivery. Our nurses and our lactation consultant were also wonderful. This was by far the best breastfeeding support I've received in any hospital. I'm truly blown away that we have this level of medical care available to us in Charles City - most people don't have this available to them even in large cities with extensive options for prenatal care and delivery." K.J.

- Kaite Johnson

"The care we received at FCMC Birth Center with the recent birth of our son was just what we were looking for. Being new to the area, and looking for delivering providers  when we found out we were pregnant, was both exciting and very overwhelming. From the initial meeting with our midwives, Judi and Danielle, I knew we would be in great hands. They provided amazing care throughout the pregnancy and brought so much comfort as we prepared for delivery. Our care at the hospital was nothing less than amazing. Staff was friendly, helpful, personable and kind. I had a lot of questions and was always wanting to be aware of what was happening. The staff always answered the questions cheerfully. We had different preferences for our delivery as well as interventions that we wanted to avoid if possible. The staff were completely understanding, and knew the details of our Birth Plan. The lactation support was incredible, and for the size of the hospital, I believe the resources here are outstanding. I cannot speak highly enough for both midwives and all the staff at the Birth Center. Anyone looking for a birth experience that is both relaxing (how is that even possible?!) and supportive to whatever extent needed, consider giving birth at FCMC's Birth Center." T.L.

- Tabea Loewen

I was treated in the Emergency Room of FCMC. The medical staff was outstanding including Dr. Ebensberger, Rachel, and Jenette among others. I could not have been treated by a more professional and knowledgeable staff.

- Gene LaBounty

Judi and Danielle were amazing during my labor and delivery. Everyone has their perfect birth planned out in their head and when things didn’t go perfectly for me, the team at Floyd County Medical Center were there. The Birth Center will always hold a special place in my heart.

- Liz Gansen

"I had the Most Amazing Nurses, CNA’s, & Therapists!! I couldn’t have asked for better care. I was treated like family by everyone I encountered. I honestly can’t say enough good things about our little hospital & the staff there!! God Bless Each One of You!! Thank You So Much!!!" D.B.

- Diane Burnett

"The surgical staff at Floyd County Medical Center is amazing! Such kindness and care. I was in for a quick procedure but it was my first time having anesthesia so I was a little nervous. Everything was explained by my nurses, anesthesiologist, and Dr. VanGilder. The procedure went perfectly. We have used Floyd County Medical Center several times over the years, and I love that we have a hospital in Charles City. We are very fortunate." L.H.O

- Lori Heuser Otto

"After finding out that Roy had autism at the age of four we were guided to go see the occupational and speech therapists at FCMC.
All Roy would do is scream at the top of his lungs and point at things he wanted. He had many meltdowns and was kicked out of different daycares, but with the help of FCMC therapists they came up with a plan to help Roy.
At first it was quite difficult but they never gave up on him. He started with one-45 minute session each week. The therapists at FCMC truly are the best. No matter what came up, they would work through it.  I really think they are miracle workers.  Roy has graduated from the occupational therapy program now and talks all the time. He has a service dog that helps him at home and school. Life is a lot easier now." J.F., mom

- Jennifer Foster

What our Staff Members Say

My co-workers are like family. We are here for each other at work and beyond.

- Amanda Bouillon, MLT (ASCP)

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