After Hours Care

After Hours Care at FCMC Clinic

Open every day 8am-8pm

For mild, acute needs, our After Hours Care can save you time and money by avoiding a visit to the ER for non-life threatening issues. Floyd County Medical Center Clinic’s After Hours Care is here to provide you with the best acute care for new or existing patients, whenever the unexpected happens.  Accepts Medicaid and Medicare.

Same Day Appointments: 641-228-5151


1501 S. Main St, STE 6

Charles City, IA 50616

FCMC Clinic’s After Hours Care staff is experienced in treating strains, sprains, and minor fractures; fever, chills, infection, and more. We’re here to help you feel better, faster.

Symptoms that can be evaluated and treated at our same-day After Hours Care:
Ear problems (infection, pain, earwax impaction, and swimmers’ ear)
Sinus problems
Upper respiratory infection (flu, COVID, etc.)
Asthma, COPD exacerbation
Eye problems (stye, pink eye, foreign debris in eye)
Sprains, strains and fractures
Wounds (skin tears, puncture and slices)
UTI or infections of the genitalia
STD and STI testing and treatment
Skin/scalp problems (scabbies, lice, bed bugs, rash and sores)
Bowel and stomach problems (vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.)
Back, neck, shoulder, knee and joint pain

Existing Patients: If your usual provider is available for an acute care visit, we can book with them if you prefer.