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General Surgery Clinic

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Board Certified Chief of Surgery Dr. Angela VanGilder

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Dr. Angela VanGilder, D.O., FACS
General Surgeon, Chief of Surgery

Specializing in health conditions such as hernias, breast cancer biopsy, lumpectomy & mastectomy, soft tissue skin lumps, bumps, or lesions, c-sections. Surgical expertise in colonoscopy* vasectomies, gastrointestinal, vein ablation and varicose veins.

  • FIRST in NORTH IOWA: GI Genius™ technology offers 17% increase in early polyp detection–Schedule your AI assisted colonoscopy with Dr. Angela VanGilder

The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module brings the power of artificial intelligence to routine colonoscopy. Using enhanced visualization, this “smart” technology can reduce the risk of undetected polyps by helping to detect them in real time.

The GI Genius™ module is the first FDA-cleared computer-aided detection (CADe) system using AI to help identify colorectal polyps. More facts about this technology include:

      • Has a less than 1% false positive rate per frame
      • Helped physicians achieve 14% absolute increase in adenoma detection rate (ADR)
      • Reduced the miss rate of colorectal neoplasia by roughly 50% compared to standard colonoscopy

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