Patient Portal


Floyd County Medical Center now provides access to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) via Meditech Expanse. This system seamlessly connects patient records across our hospital and clinic, providing a more streamlined process and better patient experience. Physicians will document care electronically so it is immediately available.

Access the Patient Portal

Access the Patient Portal (Accessible)

Instructions on how to use with Apple Health

Patient Portal Benefits:

 Easy access to view, share, and contribute to your own records via mobile app.

  • Securely message your physicians and office staff at any time.
  • Request prescription refills online; no automated phone systems or hold time.
  • Review your test results online as they become available.
  • Online questionnaires, so you can complete your paperwork from the comfort of home and save time in the waiting room.
  • Online bill pay to more easily manage payments, without the stamp.
  • See all of your appointments in one place.
  • Manage appointments, bills, and records for family members.
  • Access all of your visit details, from discharge instructions to medication lists.

Expanse Patient Connect

  • Receive text message appointment reminders.
  • No app or internet access needed to confirm.
  • No time spent on hold confirming appointments.
  • Quick launch into the patient portal to complete pre-visit forms.

A Better Clinic Experience

  • Your care team will have access to your complete electronic health record wherever you go, across both our hospital and practice settings.
  • No unnecessary paperwork.
  • No more repeating the same answers multiple times.
  • Physicians document care electronically so it is immediately available to everyone who needs it.
  • All orders are placed online and immediately shared with the appropriate department, minimizing your wait time for prescriptions, lab tests, or radiology procedures.
  • Your physicians will have the information they need to make more informed decisions about your care.
  • By reviewing results across visits and locations, your physicians can better uncover the root cause of any health issues you may face.
  • Your physicians can better monitor conditions—like diabetes and high blood pressure — across visits to ensure timely follow up.
  • Timely communication between members of your care team will improve treatment time and help get you back home sooner.

Ensuring Safety

  • No need to remember all of your medications and allergies. They will follow you wherever you go.
  • Automatic drug and allergy interaction checks help keep you safe from potential medication errors.
  • We use barcode scanners to automatically verify your information with each medication we administer, to ensure you receive the right medication and dose at the right time.
  • Our EHR automatically notifies us of any risks to your health, such as abnormal vital signs and test results or potential signs of infection.
  • Our nurses receive automatic notifications when you are due for medications or other timely care.
  • Our EHR guides physicians with the most appropriate orders and treatment based on the latest medical guidance, so you receive the best care possible.
  • Your physician will know when you’ve been in the hospital or ER so they can provide timely follow up.

Now supporting Health Records on iPhone®

We are pleased to provide you with access to your health information through Health Records on iPhone®. Use this secure connection to:

  • Access all your Patient Portal info (vital signs, medications, lab results, etc.)  directly through your Health App.
  • Review health records alongside the latest health data from iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as compatible devices and apps.
  • Share select health data with your providers through a new Sharing tab, to offer them a more holistic view of your health and wellness (Available with iOS15).

Enrollment is Simple:

Access the Health app on your iPhone > Select “Health Records” > Choose “Get Started” > Select this facility > Sign on with the same credentials you use for the Patient Portal.

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