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Treat tired, achy legs.
Dr. Van Gilder

Venous Insufficiency Treatment

Angela VanGilder, DO, FACS
General Surgeon
Floyd County Medical Center offers two types of procedures for both men and women to treat venous insufficiency – ClosureFast and VenaSeal.
The ClosureFast procedure uses a tiny catheter to deliver heat to the vein wall, to shrink and seal the vein closed. The blood will reroute itself to other healthy veins. The VenaSeal procedure is a new procedure that uses glue to close down the vein. Both procedures are done on an outpatient basis, requiring little to no anesthesia. With ClosureFast, studies have shown relief of symptoms within a couple of days. With the VenaSeal you can return to normal activities the same day! Don't suffer from tired achy legs...
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